Summer Sacrifice

You made the ultimate sacrifice. You woke up early on a sunny morning in June to sit on a cold plastic chair surrounded by the white walls of the classroom. I’m sure the last thing you want to hear is that several of your friends are driving to the river at this very moment. (Don’t bother checking Instagram. You know it’s true.) Now that you’ve effectively forgone any freedom you had, know that summer classes are actually an ideal time to earn credits in a reasonably short period of time. Welcome to the grind of the summer semester.

While summer classes can be intense, shorter semesters result in longer stretches of time or more days per week in the classroom. To some, this is preferable, considering you can complete a semester’s worth of work in eight, six, or four weeks compared to a typical sixteen week class. Now is the time to persevere. Devote your summer to mowing through the classes that need your attention.

It’s also important to remember the difficulty of your time commitments with summer activities. You will likely be pressured to skip classes to barbecue with family, to pick up extra shifts at your job, or even to spend time on vacation. The struggle is real. However, this sacrifice will carry you to completion more quickly, and excellent student-teacher ratios can lead to greater success.  Good luck this summer!


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